If the glamour of the Big Band era was to be found in everything from the clothes people wore to the cocktails they drank, then it was also extremely visible in their homes. As Mid Century Modern design took hold and a new era of Hollywood style glamour dawned, home décor was given something of a makeover, one that suited this new, fun loving and opulent way of life. As seen so famously in Sinatra’s own Twin Palms estate in Palm Springs as well as popular haunts of the time such as The Beverley Hills Hotel, The Sands and Dorothy Draper’s revamped Greenbrier, it was a time of lacquered cabinets and chrome accessories, sleek lines and chandeliers, Chinoiserie and chequerboard floors – and it all amounted to one hell of a look. In our Fall collection, we have referenced just this; jewel toned brocades, animal prints, embellishment and shiny metallics all take their cue from Hollywood glam.

We have rounded up 5 key design elements over the course of this week:

The Bar Cart

If there is one item that just about sums up the essence of Rat Pack era interior design, it could well be the bar cart. With its immediate connotations of ‘cocktail hour,’ of a home shaken martini (or perhaps a Manhattan,) a bar trolley adorned with specialist liquors, crystal glasses and silver plated shakers is an instant transporter to an all-together more decadent time. Vintage chrome bar carts by the likes of Milo Baughman are now collector’s items and available via sites such as 1st Dibs, whilst several design blogs have dedicated articles to sourcing the best modern replicas. Whichever you go for, dressing your cart is key. You can see our previous blog by interiors guru Rita Konig on exactly what you need to stock it up with here.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Yarish AMC, entertainmentweekly.com