28 MAY 2012 | MUSES

Dr. Patricia Wexler M.D is dermatologist to a devoted tribe of New Yorkers – myself included – and those who make their pilgrimage to her legendary Manhattan practice. Dr.Wexler is not only an aesthete, she is trained in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and thanks to this she diagnosed a close friend when she developed a rare illness that other doctors had not detected thanks to her specialized medical training.

A talented combination of artist and scientist, Dr.Wexler is a ground breaking developer of pioneering new treatments, which is what keeps her client list of supermodels, socialites and even – ssh! – royalty returning to her discreet practice. Testament to her own treatments, the doctor herself has flawless skin, the product of religious application of sunscreen and her own, sometimes self-administered, dermatalogical treatments. My own skin guru and muse for this month, meet Dr. Patricia Wexler…

KOTUR: What’s in your make-up bag?
Dr.Wexler: Edward Bess: sheer satin cream foundation and orchid blush, YSL Eyeliner: Moire # 6, Stila: Kitten eye shadow, Kevyn Aucoin: Blonde Eyebrow Pencil, Chanticaille : Elatin Lip Gloss, Patricia WexlerMD Dermatology: DePuff Eye Gel

KOTUR: Name your desert island essentials?
Dr.Wexler: Anthelios SPF 50 and Patricia Underwood Hat

KOTUR: Do you have a beauty secret?
Dr.Wexler: No sun, wash off makeup every night and exfoliate before bedtime.

KOTUR: How would your female friends describe your style?
Dr.Wexler: Eclectic. My friend’s say I was born put together

KOTUR: What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?
Dr.Wexler: My mother’s Halston ultra suede coat

KOTUR: Is there anything in your wardrobe you should get rid of but can’t?
Dr.Wexler: Chanel suits with tags- I’ll never wear “poor choices”

KOTUR: Hot date night with your husband, what do you wear?
Dr.Wexler: Heels

KOTUR: When home alone, what do you wear?
Dr.Wexler: J.Crew cashmere sweats

KOTUR: What do you wear to bed?
Dr.Wexler: Wachoal camisole and JCrew cashmere sweat pants

KOTUR: You’re the fashion police for a day, what do you ban?
Dr.Wexler: Ripped Jeans on 50 year old women

KOTUR: How old is too old for a mini?
Dr.Wexler: When you are borrowing it from your daughter

KOTUR: Have you ever worn anything you now regret?
Dr.Wexler: Yes, but too many and too late

KOTUR: How high is too high a heel?
Dr.Wexler: When your knees buckle forward it’s too high (for me that 5 inches)

KOTUR: Are you ever too old for jeans?
Dr.Wexler: Never too old for the right ones

KOTUR: If you could live in any other time for its fashion, what would you choose?
Dr.Wexler: I loved the 70’s- Correge , Halston ie. fun, short, and happy

KOTUR: What is your most recent purchase?
Dr.Wexler: Stella McCartney print silk dress, Lanvin tank dress

KOTUR: What quality do you most admire in a person?
Dr.Wexler: Loyalty

KOTUR: Can you judge a book by its cover?
Dr.Wexler: Absolutely not!!!!!

KOTUR: What’s your greatest extravagance?
Dr.Wexler: Shopping  It accomplished more than therapy!

KOTUR: What are your guilty pleasures?
Dr.Wexler: Caviar

KOTUR: What are your bad habits?
Dr.Wexler: Hoarding magazines and thinking I will have the time to read them

KOTUR: Do you have a cheap thrill?
Dr.Wexler: Reality TV and Life Time Channel!!

KOTUR: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Dr.Wexler: Marriage: to stay married learn how to fight fair- never say anything that cannot be taken back.
It will always be out there to haunt you

KOTUR: What’s your favorite smell?
Dr.Wexler: Baby Powder

KOTUR: What’s your idea of a great holiday?
Dr.Wexler: Hawaii with the family on a beach, under an umbrella, under a tree, feeling the breeze from the water…

KOTUR: What are you most proud of?
Dr.Wexler: My marriage, we just celebrated our 40th anniversary. And 2 daughters and grandson

KOTUR: What are you least proud of?
Dr.Wexler: My struggle balancing work and personal life

KOTUR: What’s your pure bliss?
Dr.Wexler: Family time with no cell phone

KOTUR: Who or what would you like to be reincarnated as in your next life?
Dr.Wexler: Myself, the devil you know…

KOTUR: What would you eat for your last supper?
Dr.Wexler: Something light- I wouldn’t want to be bloated for eternity

KOTUR: Yes or no to a nip and a tuck?
Dr.Wexler: Yes, when needed

KOTUR: What would you like to achieve before you die?
Dr.Wexler: I would love to see my children happy and settled in their lives

KOTUR: How would you like to be remembered?
Dr.Wexler: I would like people to remember me for me kind acts, not just my fillers.

KOTUR: Do you have a favorite Kotur bag?
Dr.Wexler: Renna snakeskin evening bag in Black, Ross tote for day

KOTUR: On a scale of one-to-ten, how good looking are you?
Dr.Wexler: I will take the 5th