30 MAY 2013 | MUSES

At Kotur we have a long tradition of celebrating our Muses, women who for one reason and normally several others stand out as inspiration on many levels. Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to interview amazing women from all fields be they the arts, fashion or business about the way they lives their lives and their secrets for stylish living.

As we embark on summer, we thought we’d highlight three Kotur Muses for you, three women who, when it comes to living life, know a thing or two about doing it with grace, style and a heavy dose of brilliant individuality as shown in our picks from their summer collections in the gallery above.  Stay tuned for more Muses throughout the summer months, but for now we will leave you with Tory Burch, Aerin Lauder and Jenna Lyons: true beacons of style, and women who do it all their very own way, and rather brilliantly. We hope you find as much inspiration both clicking through our current picks from their collections and reading their Kotur Muse questions as we do.

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Pictures: Jenna Lyons, plus J Crew’s Looks we Love for summer available at www.jcrew.com

Aerin Lauder, small cream jewellery box $790 and Ram’s Murex Shell $340 both available here http://www.aerin.com/Objet/8,default,sc.html

Tory Burch and her Walton Pant and matching Tory tunic, plus her classic grosgrain fedora available at www.toryburch.com