25 JUNE 2013 | STYLE

As fans of print, we are always trying to source new and unusual fabrics to work with every season. For Spring, that journey took us to Indonesia, where we collaborated with local foundation Cita Tenun Indonesia on a series of very special bags.

Cita Tenun works to preserve and encourage the development of indigenous textile weaving techniques found in regions across the country. Working directly with womens groups, Cita Tenun gathers their extraordinary works together and sells them as a collective – ensuring a fair price for producers and giving these amazing weavers access to a global market. At Kotur we were particularly taken by their Endek fabric, a traditional Balinese product associated once upon a time with Princes and aristocracy. Still woven in the hills of the island, it is a woven ikat that makes for standout bags – and has a wonderful sense of craft about it. For Spring, we reworked our Margo in it’s brilliant weave featuring several different colourways. They are available online exclusively here.