2 JULY 2013 | STYLE

Lucky enough to be worn by wonderful women all over the world, we are always thrilled when someone chooses Kotur. This weekend past, we were fortunate enough to spot not one, not two but three Supermodel style icons sporting some of our very best pieces with just the sort of panache that only a Super knows how to work.

China Machado, once dubbed ‘probably the most beautiful woman in the world,’ by none other than Richard Avedon, was one of the original supermodels. Born in Shanghai in 1930, she found herself via a stint as a Pan Am air hostess as a model for the likes of Monsieurs Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy, soon becoming a regular both in magazines and on the circuit at the time. She has partied with Picasso and Warhol, hung out with Bailey, lost a boyfriend to Ava Gardner. Today, she still makes appearances as a model, loved for her unique look and standout personality – as demonstrated here by her enthusiasm for our Aquaglobe!

Gisele Bundchen, shot here for the July issue of Italian Vogue reigns at the top of current supers. And Christy Turlington, long a woman we have admired for her work both in and outside modelling, is enjoying a renaissance, back as the face of Calvin Klein, the house that first propelled her ot fame in the 1990s. Proof that a Super’s style never ages, indeed.


China Machado with our Aquaglobe

Gisele Bundchen with our Aquaglobe, shot for Vogue Italia July 2013

Christy Turlington en route to a night out in London with our Espey in black