Meet the muse:  Cavan Mahony Linde

Cavan Mahony Linde is someone I have known for a very long time, and from her days at Wellesley College with me onwards she has shown the same brilliant qualities of strength and stylishness with a heavy dose of get up and go.  A free spirit and a woman who is always absolutely true to herself, it was never a surprise to me that she has achieved success in spades in several ways throughout her career. Wedded to a career in fashion and beauty from the start, from Wellesley, Cavan Mahoni went to Harvard Business School before joining the likes of Lancome and Chanel. From thereonin she reinvented herself as a serial entrepreneur, first co-founding the natural beauty label Sundari along with Ayla Hussein and Christy Turlington. Together they launched their brand based on the Indian practice of Ayuverda, tapping into the world’s keenness at the time for a holistic and healthy approach to beauty. Next, she brought the Italian fashion house Missoni to the UK, opening the flagship franchise store for the famous Italian knitwear label on Sloane Street in London before extending her reach to Madrid and Marbella.

Cavan Mahony Linde most recent venture is that of an internet entrepreneur with her newly lauched e-commerce site www.cavan.com, a brilliant hub of highly edited fashion and homewards with a focus on carefully honed styling advice.  Bringing together an eclectic group of designers ranging from the established to the up and coming, the site’s broad yet focused aesthetic is really a reflection of Cavan herself.  A highly astute businesswoman who works a bit of 1970’s inspired Missoni, a mother with a fast growing online concern, an entrepreneur with her very own eclectic sense of style – Cavan is all these women and more. Here, she talks us through her style choices.

What’s in your make-up bag?

YSL’s shocking mascara, Bobbie Brown lipstick in Brown, Bobbie Brown pink peony blush, Tom Ford eye shadows in cognac and cable.

Do you have a beauty secret?

I wish I did! What would be your desert island essentials?

My Husband, my son and a Missoni bikini

What do you wear on a fat day?

A fabulous handbag

What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

An Andrew Gn long grey and silver beaded evening gown. I feel like a warrior Princess when I wear it.

Is there anything in your wardrobe you should get rid of but can’t?

The tiny Chanel sweaters I bought at the Chanel sample sale when I worked there many many years ago.

What do you never leave home without?


Hot date night, what do you wear?

Not much

When home alone, what do you wear?

Lounge Lover trousers, t-shirt and sweatshirt because its all so cozy and still flattering

What do you wear to bed?

Poplin Pyjamas or a Jenny Packham nightgown if I am in the mood to feel glamorous

You’re the fashion police for a day, what do you ban?

A bad attitude

Have you ever worn anything you now regret?

In University… do we really have to go there?

How high is too high a heel?

Never too high

How old is too old for jeans?

Never too old If you could live in any other time for its fashion, when would you choose?

The 1970’s

What is your most recent purchase?

A Kotur Breen gold and black evening clutch with a red jewel closure. Its divine!

Can you judge a book by its cover?

No, there is always more than what meets the eye

What’s your greatest extravagance?

A massage

What are your guilty pleasures?

Red wine

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

To believe in myself

What’s your favorite smell?

Cristalle Eau de Parfum by Chanel

What’s your idea of a great holiday?

With my Family and Friends in the mountains or by the sea.

What are you most proud of?

Never giving up

What are you least proud of?

Being afraid

What is your pure bliss?

Being with my Husband and son under a tree in the sunshine

Who or what would you like to be reincarnated as in your next life?

A champagne glass

What would you eat for your last supper?

Pasta with truffles

If you could meet someone from history who would it be?

Queen Elizabeth I

Yes or no to a nip and a tuck?

Whatever makes you happy

Do you have a favorite purse or bag?

My favorite bag is the taupe Hermes birkin bag my husband gave to me for my first Mothers day.

Do you have a favorite KOTUR bag?

My favorite KOTUR bag is the bicoloured clutch. I love the art deco feel, it’s very glamorous.

On a scale of one-to-ten, how good looking are you?

Oh Gosh I am off the charts..seriously? Does any one actually answer this question??

How would you like to be remembered?

That I made a difference