23 JULY 2015 | CULTURE

It was Diana Vreeland who said, “Kaftans are…fashionable for the beautiful people.” And on this, as with so many of her style maxims, we would have to whole-heartedly agree. Yet, we’d be inclined to go even a step further. For kaftans are not just for the beautiful people, they also signify to us rather a beautiful approach. There is something about a kaftan with its decadence, romance and the lifestyle it evokes that reflects a way of dressing we at KOTUR love, admire and always strive to deliver.

Whether the image of a woman resplendent in a kaftan conjures up Vreeland herself, reclining in her red sitting room, Elizabeth Taylor decked out in her brocade versions complete with jewels, Kate Moss cruising up the gangplank to Club 55 in Saint Tropez for lunch, Talitha Getty, beautiful on a Moroccan rooftop or even Auntie Mame, there is an air of nonchalance and spirit of eccentricity inherent in this way of dressing that we adore. It suggests a love of adventure, a fuss free approach that leaves plenty of room for good times and a relaxed sort of fabulousness you just can’t bottle. Kaftan wearers are invariably the most fun women at the party – most likely, equal parts glamorous and eccentric. They also look fantastic. Dripping in print or embroidery, clad in wonderful colour, swathed in luxurious fabrics – and then paired with some simple flats – this is a look that never dates and never ceases to make the best sort of statement.

In our designs at KOTUR, the idea is always to deliver just this sort of glamour.  It’s the kind that wears as well with jeans as it does with cocktail dresses, that takes you somewhere in your imagination, somewhere exotic and indulgent, without ever seeming forced. Gyspet style speaks to the kaftan wearer in all of us. Look to our designs, and you’ll see that they do, too.

Click through our gallery above to see some of our very favorite examples of wonderful kaftan wearers. Brilliantly bohemian, inordinately glamorous and effortlessly fabulous, these are women dressing with just a little bit of decadence, and we love them for it. Because too much of a good thing really can be wonderful.

Photo Courtesy:

1. Talitha Getty, Patrick Lichfield, Vogue, January 15, 1970
2. Elizabeth Taylor, That’s Entertainment (1974)
3. Diana Vreeland, photo by Horst p Horst in her ‘Garden from Hell’ 1979
4. Rosalind Russell in the role of Auntie Mame (1958)
5. Donna Marella Agnelli, photo by Horst P. Horst featured in Horst Interiors by Barbara Plumb, 1993
6. Catherline Deneuve, Vogue, 1966
7. Lee Radziwill in an Ottoman style Kaftan, Cecil Beaton
8. Grace Kelly, Getty Images
9.  Diane Von Fuerstenberg, 1970s
10. Marisa Berenson in gold caftan by Tina Leser with rings by Gripoix, Photo by Henry Clarke 1968
11. Ashley Oslen in vintage caftan by Neilson Barnard/ Getty Images
12. Kate Moss cruising up the gangplank to Club 55 in Saint Tropez by fameflynet.uk.com
13.  Margherita Missoni by Vittorio Zunino Celotto
14. Jerry Hall, 1975
15. Nicole Richie by Jeffrey Mayer
16.  Sheikha Mozah of Qatar in Chanel Spring 2011 Haute Couture